Peel and Re-Seal labels


     HFM is an industry leader in peel and re-seal label technology. Combining high performance barrier films with custom label designs, both flexible and rigid, offers the opportunity to create a unique user-friendly package that consumers love.

     HFM's exclusive manufacturing process utilizes high speed equipment to create precision die cuts in register on printed film, and then place a re-sealable label exactly over the die cut. No part of the film is removed; the opening flap in the film adheres to the back of the label. The consumer simply uses an un-adhered "dead tab" on the end of the label to peel it back and open the package, then simply swipes or closes the label to re-seal.

     Peel and re-seal labels can be manufactured in a flexible format that swipes to close, or a proprietary rigid style that offers the consumer the feel of a more secure closure. A smaller secondary tamper evident label can be easily applied over the primary label.

     Peel and re-seal labels can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any package design. The graphic design of the label, in conjunction with the design of the film, offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your product and generate consumer interest. The use of contrasting colors and transparent or translucent areas in the label graphics offers unlimited flexibility for product branding.   

  • Unlimited variety of label sizes and shapes available
  • Easy open, access and closure for consumer
  • Tamper evident feature available   
  • Exciting graphic design possibilities
  • Closure retains excellent original quality of product
  • Flexible or rigid style of label available



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