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     HFM is an industry innovator in developing new applications for this exciting trend in packaging. Stand-up pouches are used in a variety of markets including household cleaning wipes, pet food, garden supplies, cereal, snacks and dried fruit.

     Stand-up pouches offer a unique method of product differentiation, creating opportunities to display products in custom racks or innovative pallet displays. The ability to present vivid graphic imagery in a unique format supports efforts by marketers to establish product branding and generate attention at point of purchase.

     Manufacturers and consumers see the stand-up pouch as a simple and straightforward way to reduce waste as compared to bag-in-box or canisters, reducing the environmental impact of unnecessary packaging materials. 

     Stand-up pouches can be manufactured in a wide range of materials based on technical requirements such as oxygen, moisture and vapor barrier properties, strength, and cost. Hermetic seals eliminate infestation issues with food products and extend shelf life.

     A common feature of the stand-up pouch is a re-sealable zipper at the top, valued by consumers for convenience and shelf-life retention. HFM also offers unique stand-up pouches with a peel and re-seal label on the front panel for a variety of applications like cleaning wipes. The label can be either flexible or rigid, with the label design integrated into the overall package design. The incorporation of additional features such as handles, spouts and unique package shape makes the stand-up pouch an incredibly versatile and flexible tool for modern eco-friendly packaging.

     HFM will help you through the process, from design and material selection through prototype, testing and production. Don't wait to take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate stand-up pouches into your packaging arsenal!  

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